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Reference Range Values for Pediatric Care

Edited by Lamia Soghier, MD, FAAP, Katherine Pham, PharmD, BCPS and Sara Rooney, PharmD, BCPS

Here’s the one place to look for normal values and related need-to-know data!

Now you no longer have to search through multiple resources for reference ranges and other critical values you need to optimize patient assessment and management. The new Reference Range Values for Pediatric Care brings all the most vital range data - plus diverse clinical evaluation and calculation tools - all together in one concise, compact handbook.

Indispensable pediatric reference ranges - right at your fingertips

Custom-designed for today’s busy practitioners, this quick-access resource provides commonly used ranges and values spanning birth through adolescence. Data needed for management of preterm newborns and other neonates is highlighted throughout.

Look here for practice-focused help with:

- Blood pressure ranges

- Body surface area calculation

- Bone age metrics

- Hematology values

- Cerebrospinal fluid values

- Lymphocyte subset counts

- Clinical chemistry ranges

- Thyroid function

- Umbilical vein and artery catheterization measurements

- Caloric intake values

- And more!

Also includes assessment and management tools you’ll use again and again

Save time and simplify clinical problem-solving with a full set of easy-to-use tools from the AAP and other authoritative sources:

- APGAR and Ballard newborn screening

- Growth charts

- Metric conversion tables

- Pain scales

- Blood pressure nomograms

- Hyperbilirubinemia nomograms

- Enternal formulas

- GIR calculators

- AAP immunization schedules

- AAP periodicity schedule

Drug administration and monitoring guidelines

The handbook includes must-know basics on commonly used antibiotics and antiseizure medications - complete with recommended dosages and serum target levels.

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