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Red Book, 29th Edition (2012)

Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases

By AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases
Edited by Larry K. Pickering, MD, FAAP, Carol J. Baker, MD, FAAP and David W. Kimberlin, MD, FAAP

Full text of Doody’s Red Book 5 Star review:


The Red Book, updated every three years by the Committee on Infectious Diseases (COID) of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is a concise summary of over 200 pediatric infectious diseases and current AAP recommendations regarding prevention, diagnosis, and management. It provides evidence-based guidance to practicing clinicians on pediatric infections and vaccinations based on the recommendations of the committee as well as the combined expertise of hundreds of physician contributors.


The Red Book is larger and more comprehensive than a handbook, but is indispensible for the rapid location of information about pediatric infectious diseases and vaccines. As a single reference, it is unmatched in the field in terms of practical applicability and usefulness. This edition offers substantial revisions and additions.


This publication is essential for pediatric infectious diseases specialists and general pediatricians, and is useful for family medicine and emergency medicine physicians as well. Public health and school health providers, medical residents and students also will find it a high-yield source of pediatric infectious disease and vaccine information.


Available in print and a digital version that can be downloaded onto mobile devices, this dual platform offers flexibility. The digital version contains many useful direct links to supplemental materials including recommendations and guidelines from other agencies, and an extensive collection of images depicting disease features. The book is divided into sections that cover active and passive immunization, disease summaries, antimicrobial therapy for treatment and prophylaxis, and care of children in special situations.


This is an essential reference for practicing pediatricians and pediatric infectious disease specialists. The AAP COID has done an exceptional job of keeping it timely and updated, evidence-based, and comprehensive, while also rendering it accessible and engaging in format and style. The Red Book is unparalleled in content and authority on pediatric infections and their prevention and management.

Reviewer: Kari A. Simonsen, MD (University of Nebraska Medical Center) Doody’s Book Review

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