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  • Family-Focused Pediatrics, 2nd Edition
    Family-Focused Pediatrics, 2nd Edition: Interviewing Techniques and Other Strategies to Help Families Resolve Their Interactive and Emotional Problems - 2nd Edition
    Edited by William Lord Coleman, MD, FAAP

    This clinical and teaching manual is a nice companion resource to the “Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics” and the “Guide to Learning Disabilities”. This book is now published by the AAP, this new second edition will help the clinician identify behavioral and interactional problems suitable for family centered care. It describes how to plan family meetings, interview families using a family systems approach, assess family interactions, and assist families to develop adaptive behaviors. Contents include: The Child, the Family and the Pediatric Care Professional, Qualifications of Pediatric Care Professionals to Work at the Family Level, Understanding Family Systems and Resolving Issues Within the Family Context, The Family System: A Mobile as a Metaphor, Clinical Applications: Preparing for a Family Visit, Concerns Suitable for Family Interviewing, Detecting a Family-Centered Issue: 3 Clinical Settings, Responding to a Telephone Call, and Coding Considerations, Ways to Suggest a Family Meeting and Dos and Don’ts, Case Study: Suggesting a Family Meeting, Who Should Attend a Family Meeting, Arranging the Office for a Family Meeting, Scheduling a Family Meeting, Clinical Applications: Techniques for Successful Family Interviewing, Communication Skills, Techniques to Facilitate a Successful Family Interview, Techniques for Dealing With Difficult Families, Common Pitfalls to Avoid, The Family Interview: A Detailed Description, The 4 Steps to a Family Interview With Case Studies, After the Interview: The Post-Interview Phase and Follow-up, Family Interviewing: 3 Brief Cast Studies, Conceptual Models of Family Interviewing With Case Studies, Virginia Satir-The Communication Model: Strategies to Improve Family Communication, Family Communication Problems: Selected Examples of the Satir Model, Specific Interventions, and Case Studies, Salvador Minuchin: The Structural Family Model, Haley: The Problem-Solving Model, The Family With a Son With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Selected Examples of the Minuchin and Haley Models, The Brief Solution-Oriented Model, An Example of the Solution-Oriented Model, The ABC Model, An Example of the ABC Model, Techniques for Assessing and Enhancing Family Functioning, Observing Family Activities in the Meeting, Gathering More Information by Further Interviewing, Suggestions to Enhance Family Functioning With Case Studies, Special Topics, Making a Mental Health Referral With Case Study, Correct Use of Procedural and Diagnostic Codes to Document Family-Focused Pediatric Care.

  • Food Fights, 2nd edition
    Food Fights, 2nd edition: Winning the Nutritional Challenges of Parenthood Armed with a Bottle of Ketchup <br>
    By Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP

    Knowing what to feed children is one thing. Getting them to eat it is quite another!

    In Food Fights, 2nd edition, the authors tastefully blend the science of nutrition and pediatrics with the practical insights of parents who have been in your shoes--offering simple solutions for your daily nutritional challenges. Whether you've got an infant, toddler, or young child, Food Fights promises entertaining, reality-based advice on:

    ▪ How to pick your battles (and arm yourself accordingly)

    ▪ Whining and dining, throwing food, and other dietary distractions

    ▪ Heaping helpings, TV dinners, fast food, and other nutritional minefields

    ▪ Eating out, grocery shopping, and travel

    ▪ The 5-second rule

    ▪ Drinking and dozing, juice, soda pop, and other classic drinking problems

    ▪ Sick kids, vitamins, body weight, allergies, constipation, spitting up...and so much more!

    This revised second edition also includes new chapters on healthy breakfasts, what's lacking in snacking, and supermarket sanity, and serves up important guidance on making sense of package labels and choosing foods wisely. Add the cornucopia of resources such as recipes for success, a nutrient primer, and phone apps that help families stay on a tech-savvy track to good nutrition and this new and improved edition of Food Fights is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.