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Neonatal Resuscitation Collection

Available exclusively from the AAP! The Neonatal Resuscitation eBook Collection, including the 7th Edition Neonatal Resuscitation Textbook in English and Spanish.

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  • Coding for Pediatrics, 2014
    Coding for Pediatrics, 2014: A Manual for Pediatric Documentation and Payment
    By AAP Committee on Coding
    Edited by Edward A. Liechty, MD, Cindy Hughes, CPC, CFPC and Becky Dolan, MPH, CPC, CPEDC

    This AAP exclusive complements standard coding manuals with proven pediatric-specific documentation and billing solutions. Fully updated and revised for 2014!

  • Principles of Pediatric ICD-10-CM Coding
    Principles of Pediatric ICD-10-CM Coding
    Edited by Jeffrey F. Linzer, Sr, MD, FAAP and Cindy Hughes, CPC, CFPC, PCS

    Start preparing your practice for migration to ICD-10-CM with this all-new AAP guidebook. Designed to complement the complete ICD-10-CM code set, it provides the pediatric-specific knowledge and know-how your staff will need to successfully implement the new code set as soon as it goes "live."

    Chapters devoted to individual disease categories or organ systems offer expert guidance for appropriate ICD-10-CM code selection. Separate sections in each chapter include guideline instructions with step-by-step ICD-10-CM how-tos, coding scenarios illustrating real-life applications of the new codes, and practical chapter reviews to reinforce new knowledge and skill sets.

    The guidebook's clear, concise text is complemented by multiple features that enhance learning and comprehension. These features include key terms highlighted for help with improved understanding, highlighted text boxes to call attention to important difference between the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM code structure and applications, practical opportunities to apply knowledge learned, and more.

  • Pediatric Code Crosswalk: ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM
    Pediatric Code Crosswalk: ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM
    Edited by Jeffrey F. Linzer, Sr, MD, FAAP

    This handy time-saving tool continues to include all the ICD-9-CM codes for easy identification and reference and will assist in integrating the ICD-10 nomenclature and code set into your practice. Here's a handy time-saving tool you'll use again and again as you start integrating the ICD-10-CM nomenclature and code set into your practice. This new spiral-bound quick reference guide simplifies the transition process by listing ICD-9-CM codes for the most common pediatric diagnoses right alongside their ICD-10-CM counterparts--so you can always be sure you're making the most appropriate code conversion.

    In addition, this guide will help streamline pediatric diagnosis coding for ICD-9-CM and includes basic guidelines for selecting appropriate codes for commonly encountered pediatric diagnoses and diseases. All codes are indexed by diagnosis and organized alphabetically for easy identification. This guide also includes a glossary of key medical abbreviations.