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Textbook of Global Child Health, 2nd Ed

Edited by Deepak M. Kamat, MD,PhD,FAAP and Philip R. Fischer, MD,DTM&H,FAAP

Even with great strides in the battle worldwide against several childhood diseases, the fact is that children across the globe continue to struggle with life-threatening illnesses, with more than 7 million preschool-aged children dying every year. To be effective globally, pediatric health care providers must gain knowledge and skills necessary to serve across cultural and national boundaries.

The new 2nd edition of this award-winning textbook is designed to help meet this need by understanding principles of global child health; caring for pediatric travelers and immigrants; and practicing pediatrics in resource-limited countries.

New 2nd edition highlights:

28 updated chapters and sections

New chapters on cardiology, neurologic disorders, nephrology, emergency medicine and critical care, and hematology/oncology

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