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Martin M. Fisher

  • AAP Textbook of Adolescent Health Care
    AAP Textbook of Adolescent Health Care
    Edited by Martin M. Fisher, MD, FAAP, Elizabeth M. Alderman, MD, FAAP, Richard E. Kreipe, MD, FAAP and Walter D. Rosenfeld, MD, FAAP

    Trustworthy guidance spanning every aspect of adolescent health care. Directed by a distinguished editorial team and more than a hundred specialist contributors draw on extensive teen care experience to show you how to: Create a teen friendly office, improve your clinical preventive services, use precisely targeted assessment and diagnostic tools, implement state-of-the-art disease management techniques. Identify and treat eating disorders, screen for substance abuse, counsel patients and parents about adolescent high-risk health behaviors assess diverse mental health disorders, make appropriate specialist referrals, comply with today's confidentiality and privacy requirements, and maximize payment with proper coding and documentation procedures. Unlike other adolescent medicine references, the all-new AAP Textbook of Adolescent Care is an action-oriented working tool expressly built for efficient, on-target clinical problem-solving. Broad scope - Nearly 200 chapters cover physical growth and development, examination and laboratory screening, sexual development, puberty, obesity, sleep disorders, adolescent dermatology and much more. Clear management guidelines - Provides step-by-step recommendations: what to do, how to do it; when to admit, when to treat, when to refer. Evidence-based approach - Treat patients and counsel parents with high confidence. Excellent study reference - for the pediatric or internal medicine boards. Practical, how-to information and recommendations you'll consult again and again.

  • AM:STARs: Adolescent Gynecology, Vol 23, No. 1
    AM:STARs: Adolescent Gynecology, Vol 23, No. 1: Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews
    By American Academy of Pediatrics
    Edited by Martin Fisher, MD and Eduardo Lara-Torre, MD

    AM:STARs: Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews is the official publication of the AAP Section on Adolescent Health. Published 3 times per year, the journal offers adolescent medicine specialists and other primary care physicians who treat adolescents state of the art information on all matters relating to adolescent health and wellness. Each issue centers on a specific topic area and experts in those areas are invited to contribute review articles that cover the most up to date information available.

    Experts from adolescent medicine and pediatric and adolescent gynecology have studied the best literature on adolescent gynecology and written articles on the most common topics a primary care provider will encounter. Consider this volume your literature review of the best research in adolescent gynecology. You can feel confident using it as a reference in your daily practice.

    List of articles in Adolescent Gynecology:

    A Comprehensive Approach to the Spectrum of Abnormal Pubertal Development Adolescents, Sex, and the Media

    Breast Disorders in the Female Adolescent

    Excessive Uterine Bleeding

    Overview of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Adolescents

    Contraception for Primary Care Providers

    Fertility Preservation for Adolescent Women with Cancer

    Pregnancy in Adolescents

    Dysmenorrhea and Premenstrual Syndrome in Adolescents

    Adolescent Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Ovarian Cysts in Adolescents: Medical and Surgical Management

    Human Papillomavirus Disease in Adolescents: Management and Prevention

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatric Care
    American Academy of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatric Care
    Edited by Thomas K. McInerny, MD, FAAP, Henry M. Adam, MD, FAAP, Deborah E. Campbell, MD, FAAP and Deepak M. Kamat, MD, PhD, FAAP

    For more than 75 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has been the nation’s leading and most trusted child health expert. The all-new full color AAP Textbook continues the tradition by providing a wealth of expert guidance spanning every aspect of current clinical practice and sets a new standard for one-stop pediatric references! Directed by a distinguished editorial team, and featuring contributions from experienced clinicians nationwide, the new AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care is a resource you’ll use with complete confidence. Look here for expert guidance spanning every aspect of current clinical practice. Comprehensive scope: Covers screening, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, management, prevention, critical care, practice management, ethical and legal concerns and much more. Practical focus: Directly addresses day-to-day practice concerns for efficient patient problem-solving. Essential clinical guidance: Step-by-step recommendations on what to do, when and how to do it, when to admit, and when to refer. Evidence-based approach: State-of-the-art approach includes the evidence base for recommendations and lists detailed references within each chapter. Topical coverage: Highlights new priorities for 21st century practice: evidence-based medicine, environmental concerns, electronic health records, quality improvement, community-wide health approaches, confidentiality, cultural issues, and psychosocial issues.

  • AM:STARs: Advances in the Treatment of Endocrine Disorders in Adolescents, Vol. 26, No. 2
    AM:STARs: Advances in the Treatment of Endocrine Disorders in Adolescents, Vol. 26, No. 2
    By AAP Section on Adolescent Health
    Edited by Irene N. Sills, MD and Martin M. Fisher, MD,FAAP
  • Coding for Pediatrics, 2016, 21st Ed.
    Coding for Pediatrics, 2016, 21st Ed.
    By AAP Committee on Coding
    Edited by Edward A. Liechty, MD and Martin M. Fisher, MD,FAAP

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